Friday, April 10, 2009

start a new life

Hi Frens,

I also do not know how i wanna describe my feelings..but the most important thing is will not be burden by night call and i do not have to sacrifice my social life..ahh...coz today is my last working at my was a sad story where we(all the GTs) were terminated due to global economy crisis..we havent finished yet our contract but they already decided to stop it early....we were surprised when BOSS tells that we will be kicked(very rude word)..not kicked lah but team is based on project so if company wanna save money they have to take only important project...the sad part so after this there is no new lipstick, no new compact powder,no new handbag,no new shoes and blablabla (frens who close to me they know what i always buy..hahaha..especially my officemate) .....i have to save money for my study after this...i hope after finish study i will get job that offer me high salary hehehe

from left : finie, wati, wani,ros,mary,nadia(diyascupcake),bibi,aku,fairuz(tiada dalam gambar sebab dia cameramannyer)

ni lah dia cameraman nyer...fairuz @ thenameisjengae


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