Friday, May 8, 2009

My First Tag...Desktop

This is my first tag ever and it is from my dear frens Farah Ziana .. thanks farah ... so glad that you tag me .. okay the tag sound like below :

Rules: 1.Anda perlu printscreen wallpaper/background desktop anda yang tengah guna sekarang.

2.Bgtau nape anda suke wallpaper anda itu :

Actually my laptop that i'm using now is shared by us (me and hubby) ... so the wallpaper are always change ... usually by me lah ... okay the current wallpaper i'm using now is the no 1 ... the wallpaper was choosen randomly by my hubby because the previous wallpaper is not suitable to show to public as my husband was at UM's library .. so he might be afraid others will see his pretty girl (it's me..hehe) ... so he just replace it with this no1 wallpaper also that the wallpaper is also categorized as a best shot of my best frens wedding 'Diana' by hubby ... and reason why i also put the no2 wallpaper (as you can see it is wardin and juma picture) in this tag is because i like to put picture that will motivate me and the picture will give me spirit to go and ride my bicycle hihihi to reduce my weight ...hihih

3. Tag 10 people...






my hubby

ida comey_lote



mak teh


Farah said...

ikin awak ade 2 blog yer?

Farah Ikin said...

blog yg mana satu? ... mmg saya ada byk blog hehehe

MAK TEH said...

macam mane nak wat tag ni?baru hari ni mak teh dibenarkan mengadap pc baru tau la ni.akan cuba try wat ye...

Farah Ikin said...

to mak teh: mak teh ... jn lupa tau mak teh .. nanti kite g tgk ye

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