Sunday, January 1, 2012

About Us


A very short note about my self. Full name is Farahashikin Ismail. I am a wife to Hesham Mahyidin. A mother to 4 kids Marwan 9 yrs Mujahid 7 yrs Marwah 5 yrs Mikaiel 2yrs.

I am working as an IT Support to Scope International Sdn Bhd and my husband is a teacher at SMK Subang.

For those who like to know me better please find me at the following network :)

Facebook Id and Yahoo email :
Gmail and Gtalk:
Twitter: Ashikin6

All above is the only network i have, and I really appreciate and welcome everyone to be friend with me.

This blog is a place where I story about my life as a mother, wife, career thing and anything which cross over my  mind. What I wish and dream also will be written here. So for those who feel uncomfortable on my post and my writing you are advice to leave my area.. LOL. Here is a place for my husband to read all my babble and it will be our memory throughout our life.

Sometime I feel very appreciated when him always ask me to update my blog and tell him a story in my blog about what recently happen in our daily routine. hehehe.. for me is it so sweet and lovely. But dear husband i think u understand right... my work is not a normal practice by you and most of working woman.. Ya!! I worked based on shift ... I really hope that i can end this thing but for the sake of our sustenance and living cost in KL i have to be strong and do my best. If you are capable enough to support us me and kids I will quit my job and sit at home for just entertain you like you always said want me to stick with you all the time like when when we just married 10 years ago...hahaha.

Ohhh...dont realive i had write not a short but almost a deep about of my self .. but whos care! this is my authority..i conquer and i free to write anything!!! correct right???
hahaha....okay.. I will end this post about me, about us with Bismillahhirramannirrahim.


p/s: this time i wrote in English..who know i have reader from other country. And actually I do hehehe...for those who are not uderstand malay please leave me a message if want me to translate anything. but dont request other than english okay. Thanks All.


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