Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thank You So Much Dear!!!

What else should I say other than "Thank You Sooo Much" to my lovely husband for buying me a very useful stuff ( orbibike 4 in 1 ) . As my body also seems like day by day blowing up (in other words going fat) , so I can use it anytime I want and no need to go outside.

Recently my husband like to complain about me. There fat!!! Here fat!!, Everywhere fat!! He said that I am not like before ( my friends that know me, I used to be slim...haha). Deep inside my heart , I'm quit sad on what my husband said, but he is a very honest man even he know it will make me mad, always like that you know.

We (my husband and I) have been searching for the exercise equipment and at first we quit interested with the Treadmill (for those who doesn't know what is it, we can run on it), but as we know it is so expensive and my husband said he do not want to buy it. There is also another option like buying other equip that is cheaper than the treadmill, but couldn't think of it at that time. We also running out of money..... I insist to buy it coz we can purchase by installment but hubby doesn't interested in that coz we still have other thing to support. If want better pay one shot, rather than we caught in debt.

To make it short, one day after hubby fetch me at komuter station, he give a receipt as saying "Nah, abang beli sesuatu untuk Umi". At first I thought he buy computer stuff as usual but realy shocked when saw in the receipt it is a "Orbibike". Event couldn't own a treadmill, i realy thankfull he bought me this. I love you your surprise, it works.


comey_lote said...

wahh bertambah slim la kin lepas ni...
bagus juga beli alat senaman ni..bukan setakat slim tapi sihat..dari diet yg tah apa2 tuh kan..
dan baguslah abg kin beli kan kin sebab setengah suami cuma mulut je bising isteri badan kembang..tapi tak de bg duit utk bayar gym atau belikan mesin apa2..

Farah Ikin said...

rasa bertuah pulak bila org puji suami kita ni..hihihi..tapi mmg abg sgt caring dan ambil berat pasal penampilan

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